On Poetry

I have a new friend who is a poet. I believe, from what I know of her, that she takes it pretty seriously. She has a podcast that I enjoy very much called Take this Poem. She has given me courage to begin writing poetry again, which is something I have not done in a … Continue reading On Poetry

The Last First Time

There are so many times in our lives where we do something for the last time and never realize it. If we think about this too much it will break us. The last time we played with our neighborhood friends as children, the last time we kissed that high school boyfriend or girlfriend, the last … Continue reading The Last First Time

Down a Rabbit Hole

Last week I spent a week in soul-deep fellowship with 23 of my new best friends. It was the first annual Close Reads Podcast retreat, where people from all over the US, who happen to listen to the same podcast about books, came to discuss, well…books. For six hours each day we discussed poems, essays, … Continue reading Down a Rabbit Hole

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