On Poetry

I have a new friend who is a poet. I believe, from what I know of her, that she takes it pretty seriously. She has a podcast that I enjoy very much called Take this Poem. She has given me courage to begin writing poetry again, which is something I have not done in a very long time.

I mentioned in a previous post that fear is the thief of inspiration, yet it also robs others of the joy of sharing part of you that would otherwise be unknown. Who knows what changes might occur in another person when we write down words and thoughts and pictures and phrases and senses and emotions? Who knows how their lives will be impacted for comfort, courage, change, or calm?

When God created the world, he created it to be shared. All of its beauty, all of its color, all of its treasure. Imagine if the most creative force in the universe had withheld his creativity because it was “too personal,” made him “feel vulnerable” or “needed a tweak.” Then he placed within that creation a man and a woman, made in his likeness, with creative energy and potential, to have dominion over his great masterpiece. He even gave them free will to steward it or destroy it as they chose, though not without consequence.

When he said “Be fruitful and multiply” did he mean “Raise crops and offspring?” Perhaps, but not exclusively. I think he meant for us to be fruitful in all of our capacities: for love, work, passion, building, growing, teaching, writing, wine making, rendering, designing, serving, ministering, worshiping…living. By being fruitful in our calling and design we are giving glory to our Creator God, and breathing the breath of life into our fellow creatures. This in turn inspires them and causes them to be courageous and to grow as individuals and as communities, and expands the glory further.

When I as a writer withhold my creativity because, as my friend described, it’s like standing in front of someone in your underpants, I am withholding a gift to you, my fellow human. Certainly, my gift may be imperfect, but there is that grace we give each other when we say, “It’s the thought that counts.” So, I will humbly begin to share my message in a bottle, thrown upon the waves.

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